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[Name Pending] – Voyager Design Work

new doc 2018-02-25 21.11.55_8.jpg

One of my great issues with art is that, when I have an idea that I want to draw, I don’t actually SEE it. All I get is a vague sensation and I won’t know what it actually looks like until I’ve drawn it, so I’m always disappointed in my performance because I never manage to.

Anyways, I’ve had another Idea™ for a game that my ADHD will probably interfere with creating. Sort of a Darkest Dungeon/Paper Mario sort of deal. I have no idea what to call this thing.

Here’s some eldritch space-abomination in a cat spacesuit, because my space-named cat recently passed away. And I don’t know what this thing’s supposed to look like, but I sure do know that these aren’t it.

(I still need to work out the bugs in that level generator that I’m designing… I could use that for this…)

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