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Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 1 – The Chance to Change Our Destinies

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 1 – The Chance to Change Our Destinies

I’m going to preface this (and likely suffix subsequent videos) by saying that: I’m playing this with the Dolphin emulator because I (a) don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to modify my 3DS to record the copy I own and (b) don’t want to buy a used Wii copy because it’s not like Nintendo will ever see that money.

The ending to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 put me in the mood to play the original, so here I am!

Starfall Dungeon: Units and Regions Notes

new doc 2018-07-09 17.58.46_2.jpg

new doc 2018-07-09 17.58.46_11.jpg

Some notes on how obtaining units would work and on the first two region concepts.

The first is notes on how obtaining units would work and there were two schools of thought there. One was to go the mobile game route with the random gacha system like Fire Emblem Heroes or the core crystals in Xenoblade Chronicles 2… and then I remembered that I -ing HATE that system and I would rather knit my own organs into a sweater than make players rely on it.

The second is the Pokémon route where you capture units in the dungeon with items after damaging them enough. Dynamic and controlled, which is far more fulfilling in my opinion. Plus, there’s no reason why I can’t keep a chance for units to come from the item pools.

Also, there’s a brief note on another function for the barracks: a training room to practice attack timing.

Then there’s some quick notes on the first two region concepts: the Forest and the Industrial Zone.

Each region has a number of sub-regions that are decided upon when the level is first spawned. Each level has different probabilities for selecting the sub-region, making the more unique sub-regions more likely the farther into the overall region you’ve traveled.

Different regions have different unit pools, of course. Fey units like Coby only appear in the Fey Grounds and bee-like creatures, for whom notes will be added later, appear mostly in the Honey Yard.

Past the Industrial Zone, I thinking about:

  • a sprawling cityscape with streets and alleys, roofs, and the docks as sub-regions
  • a castle with corridors, dungeons, and ramparts as sub-regions
  • caverns with simple stone, volcanic, glacial, luminescent, and etcetera sub-regions
  • maybe some deific area with mythology themed units?
  • space might be a thing I get to eventually, considering the “lore” I’m stocking up on
  • I should add a river sub-region to the Forest region. Maybe also to the caverns…

I should do the notes for the dungeon entrance and the store? workshop? next. And there’s still another bee unit I want to design before moving on from that.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 26 – The Intersection of Pacific Rim and Spaceballs

Of the many things I was expecting from this game… from the strange dialogue to the weird fetishes to the bad sound design… I certainly wasn’t expecting two Nopon to Jaeger-pilot a giant, robot maid into battle against me.

After that boss fight, I finally add Mòrag and Brighid to the team!… midway through a SECOND boss fight, which is just bad game design, against the last two members of Torna: a hapless pervert and a valley-girl samurai with no pants.

What is even happening anymore.

Starfall Dungeon – Crispy Goods Notes


new doc 2018-07-09 17.58.46_1.jpg

I’m still chugging along at this! Slowly and with a lurking sense of shame, but chugging.

It’s the return of Crispy Goods, one of the bosses of that platformer I was plugging away at, combined with an idea for one of the playable characters.

Crispy would be one of the earlier bosses in Starfall Dungeon, probably to initially serve as a roadblock for the tutorial section. It would eventually be able to be obtained as a unit for the player’s use. It’s less versatile than other units, due to its fourth skill slot being taken up by a transformation ability that shifts Crispy back into its boss form with a preset itinerary of skills.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 35 – Pretty, Pretty Lady

Welcome to the episode wherein I GO INSANE!

Tired and delirious, EVERYthing becomes HIlarious as I continue the search for a way to infiltrate the woman-exclusive Gerudo Town.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 25 – Is This An Anal Joke…?

It’s not.

It’s penis innuendo.

Stay classy, Monolith Soft Inc.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 34 – Rise and Fall

After being shouted at by the robot camel, I start heading towards Gerudo Town before immediately turning around and wandering off into the mountains for a while.

Oh, and I jump blindly into the bottomless chasm surrounding the Gerudo Tower FOR SCIENCE!