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Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 12 – Leg Day

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 12 – Leg Day

After Shulk and the crew make plans to head to the Bionis’ head in pursuit of a Monado that could easily cleave through faced Mechon, I turn around and bully the wildlife on the Bionis’ leg for a while.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 43 – An A-Maze-ing Time

I take a detour to Lomei Labyrinth Island to try and find the Travel Medallion because my efforts to relight the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab’s furnace was stymied by the fact that it’s ALWAYS RAINING.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 34 – Crystal Cleared

I explore Argentum and Gormott, trying to finish up as much as I can, before finishing up the “Crystal Clear” mission in Mor Ardain, with the team’s plan resulting in one of the hunters’ Drivers dying.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 11 – (Un)Finished Battles

In this super dense episode, SO MUCH happens all in a row.

Shulk and crew: make it to the bottom of the ether mines; rescue Juju; stave off Otharon’s impending death; fight Xord twice and he is just a SCREAMER; Xord provides a cryptic message about the “True Monado” before zip-zooming his dismembered body back down the elevator shaft before exploding; Metal Face shows up again, with a contingent of other Xord-like Mechon; Dunban and Dickson are there; and they’re all saved from certain doom by a pretty boy sending a giant monster to fight the Mechon.

Additionally, one of the best songs on the album, Unfinished Battle, makes it’s first, and last, appearance in the game.

Happy Holidays (2018)!

holiday dear fae cards.png

holiday dragalia cards.png

I draw cards for holidays and birthdays! This year, I decided on some holiday alts for a couple of mobile games I’m playing: Fae from Fire Emblem Heroes and Nefaria and Francesca from Dragalia Lost.

Note: Holiday Francesca does not actually exist.

Lucina + Chrom in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: An Opinion


The complete inaccuracy of Lucina and now Chrom in Smash upsets me. So, come. Listen to me babble about the THINGS that I have OPINIONS about ON THE INTERNET.

Character Design – Bravo’s New Clothes

bravo_new look_1.pngbravo_new look_2.png

I hadn’t drawn Bravo in a while, so I decided to give her some new duds. I thought about giving her a hat, but a) hats are hard and b) she’s got a lot of hair.