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Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P4

Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P4

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_7.jpg

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_8.jpg

Some more sketches. Another creepy mask creature, a cube with a face and limbs, a sketch of Bravo sketching, and Alolan Raichu.

Work – May 2017

Just some snippets of work I’ve done during May and perhaps June maybe I don’t know, sad.

I start putting together the framework for a flying enemy and for the main menu.

Dishonored 2 – FINALE – Emily the Clever

I finish the game, trapping Delilah inside of her dream world and rescuing Corvo from his stone prison. It’s not the most amazing final boss fight but I’ve really enjoyed this game regardless! I’m kind of tempted to go back and do The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches now…

Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P3

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_5.jpg

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_6.jpg

More sketches. I don’t know what the hell I was creating with the creepy mask creatures up there.

I’d been playing the first two Paper Mario games and I was really enjoying them. I kind of wish they’d go back to the original gameplay style. Anyways, I also like the design of Shy Guys, so it’d be neat to have a pirate Shy Guy or something as a party member in just such a hypothetical game.

Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P2

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_3.jpg

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_4.jpg

More sketches from last month. Like, just an enemy concept for my game that’s just a bunch of aggressive arms packed in a barrel and a sketch of Bravo with bad anatomy.

Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P1

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_1.jpg

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_2.jpg

So here’s some of my sketches from last month, I guess. Just some design ideas for my game: an owl, a wasp, a tree, and a bush frog.

Doodling – 5/11/2017

Still trying to get back into a rhythm. This is finishing lining and coloring the Alolan Raichu pictures.

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