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penguinsOnAHillBlackLogoPenguins on a Hill

My capstone project for my Game Design and Development degree. A simple, infinite-runner style game where you take on the roles of penguins as they slide inexorably down a snowy hill, jumping obstacles along the way.

no logo yetArmor Bullet

I’ve decided to put Paper Arts on the backburner because art is hard, guys. In this game, you take on the role of a possessed suit of armor, flinging your body parts as weapons. In your search for the truth (re: final boss), you will travel through exotic (re: stereotypical) locales including: forest; dungeon; castle; the existential concept of game design.


paper arts logoPaper Arts

Delayed because I am not a good judge of scale. Follow along as Dubravka Galloway fights her way through a world of her own art, corrupted by her own fears and insecurities, as she comes to terms with what she wants for the future.


no logo yetThe Painted Samurai

In the style of  Ōkami, save the world from the forces of the oni.






freelancers logo tallThe Freelancers

A freelance extraterrestrial organization fights corruption and terrorists.

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