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Tales of Momoko

I’ve been conceptualizing a new 2D Action-Platformer for a while, starring my latest Original Character muse, Murakami Momoko. She’s a kitsune raised by humans and trained as a samurai who finds herself entangled in a wide-ranging plot against all of humankind.

A digital remastering of two traditional drawings featuring my original character, Murakami Momoko, a kitsune samurai, performing a kabuki pose. She is holding her peach blossom-themed spear vertically next to her and is wearing samurai armor with a blue top and a red bottom. She has a fox head and legs, furry hands, and three long tails curling behind her. She is standing on one leg with one hand outstretched. Across from her is a landscape scene with a stylized sakura tree and a rock. Grassy ground beneath both the landscape and Momoko is connected with a thin, looping strip of color.
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