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About Me

Hello! And Welcome.

My name is Sean Sadayoshi O’Steen, an autistic Japanese-American (He/Him). With a Bachelor of Innovation™ in Game Design and Development under my belt, I’ve been doggedly creating art and Let’s Plays in spite of my severe depression and anxiety. Of course, the also-severe sleep apnea haunting my nights hasn’t been helping with that in the slightest.

I have aspirations to bring my ideas to life in video game format, though I’ve been lagging behind in that regard. Regardless, I’ve been hammering away at my newest concept starring my newest original muse, which you can learn slightly more about here.

You can find my video editing exploits over on my YouTube channel here and, if you see some art of mine that you like, you can swing by my Redbubble store here for some of my art on your Things and Stuffs. If you’re feeling generous, mayhaps my Ko-fi here could tickle your fancy?

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