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Pokécember – Day 19 – Alolan Form

pokecember 19.png

WOW, who could have EXPECTED that I, a Raichu-obsessed FREAK, would take the OPPORTUNITY to draw a THIRD Raichu for Pokécember?

(Here’s the challenge itself)


  1. writingbolt says:

    Is that some sort of shiny or alternate form of Raichu? I recognize the shiny/alternate sableye…and is that some new ghostly pikachu?

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    • assassuub says:

      Ah, in Pokémon Sun & Moon, many of the Generation 1 Pokémon got new regional variants called Alolan Forms that alter their stats and types. Sandshrew and Sandslash, for instance, are now Ice/Steel-type.

      Raichu finally got something new to itself (after 2 decades) in its Alolan Form. Its more focused on Special Attack, while a Standard Raichu has equal offense stats, and has picked up the Psychic-type. Its new psychic powers allow it to float on its tail like a surfboard. This is my shiny AloRaichu, Coco, who is just the most adorable cocoa bean.

      The fellow at the bottom right is also a new Sun & Moon Pokémon named Mimikyu. It’s a Ghost/Fairy-type that wants to be loved like the series’ mascot, so it wears a costume at all times because its true form is such that those that see it suffer heart attacks and die.

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      • writingbolt says:

        I just learned that. I like the new Raichu, then. I wasn’t crazy about the original. It was one of the stone evolutions I could do without. I’d save my thunder stones for Jolteon or whatever else needs one. I am more interested in fire and plant evolutions. [I love Ninetales, Moltres, Ho-Oh and that recent/new fox that twirls the torch.]

        An ice/steel Sandslash…bizarre.

        You mean the Alolan Raichu is psychic, right? Not the original.

        Interesting ghost/fairy.

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