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Doodling – 12/20/2016

Adding Mega Heracross to the previous picture for Pokécember. WHY IS THIS GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN AN HOUR TO UPLOAD AAAAGH

Doodling – 12/19/2016

Adding Alolan Raichu to yesterday’s picture with Sableye and Mimikyu.

Doodling – 12/18/2016

Adding Mimikyu to the picture of Sableye for Pokécember.

Pokécember – Day 20 – Mega Evolution

pokecember 20.png

Mega Evolution was an interesting concept, but I was never super keen on many of them. Like, I don’t think Mega Sableye here really built off of its strengths at all.

Design-wise, I think Mega Heracross is pretty keen. It’s probably too short in this picture, though.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Pokécember – Day 19 – Alolan Form

pokecember 19.png

WOW, who could have EXPECTED that I, a Raichu-obsessed FREAK, would take the OPPORTUNITY to draw a THIRD Raichu for Pokécember?

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Pokécember – Day 18 – Fairy

pokecember 18.png

I added Mimikyu to the Sableye picture from yesterday. Man, was I surprised when Totem Mimikyu nearly wiped my entire team.

Also, I’m not super sure on how tall Mimikyu should be. Is it 8 inches from its base to the top of the costume? Or is it 8 inches from its base to the top of the little shadowy fella under it, which would make the whole deal about the same height as the Pokémon it’s imitating?

I don’t know, have a cupcake.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Raichu & Mimikyu

raichu + mimikyu.png

I drew my favorite Pokemon, Raichu, with the new Mimikyu, bonding over the fact that Pikachu’s a jerk.

I did some shading practice on this piece; it didn’t exactly come out as planned, though. I’ll need to work on shading more on some other piece.

Doodling – 7/19/2016

I go back to the Raichu and Mimikyu, as it has been localized and it’s like, “What?” You had the opportunity to name it “Mimichu”, as it is MIMIcking PikaCHU, and you just romanize the Japanese name? Well, Pikachu and Raichu’s names were just simple romanization, since it worked in either language, so… I guess? I dunno.

Anyways, I go back and do some shading experimentation. I don’t do shading a whole lot, so this was an exercise. I tried using the Watercolor brush to do shading with, but I don’t think it worked particularly well. Well, live and learn.