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WIP: Skeledirge Karaoke

A work in progress illustration done in pen and pencil, scanned in using the CamScanner phone app; Skeledirge, a crocodile Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet, is reared up onto its hind legs with its customary fire erupting from the corners of its mouth. One foreleg is placed on its chest while its other grips its “microphone stand”, which is a bird-like flame. Both are singing, visualized as music notes

Released far too early as it was, I will say that Scarlet/Violet would have been the best mainline Pokémon games yet if not for The Struggles™. There were so many stellar new ‘mons, I actually struggled deciding on a team! For one: Skeledirge is super dope and I love it.

Tales of Momoko: Jump Sketches

A page of rough, work-in-progress sketches of my original character, a samurai kitsune name Murakami Momoko, performing a jump.

While away from my desktop computer, I decided to do some art and sketching with traditional media: pens and pencils and paper and the like. I managed, like, a page and a half because I have severe executive dysfunction and staring blankly at nothing is a common pastime for me.

These sketches are rough key frame ideas depicting my samurai kitsune jumping and falling, in preparation for actually animating her doing so in the game I’m working on.


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Marvel Fanart – Viv & Riri Present!

I did a chibi panel redraw of Marvel’s Champions (2020) featuring Viv Vision and Riri Williams (Ironheart) presenting their messaging app, #ChampionsCharge. They’re my favorite Marvels.

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Dragalia Lost – Francesca #2


I drew Francesca from Dragalia Lost again, doing Ikumi Nakamura’s pose from E3, because Francesca is my favorite character from the game. I was excited to see her appear in one of the Dragalia Life comics, so I wanted to draw something.

This took me a while to finish, not because it was complicated, but because I have anxiety and an extremely short attention span and kept getting distracted. I’m also hot? I don’t do so well in the heat.

Flats: Bumbleby


I decided to finish (for a certain definition of “finish”)  this because it not being finished was bothering me. Now I wash my hands of this, as I’m unlikely to return to this show after the whole “Stalking and assorted crime is super cool if you’re an average-looking white guy” thing.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.5

new doc 2018-05-14 17.29.13_1 - Copy.jpg

What’s there to say about this one? Here’s a beetle character that I probably shouldn’t use due to his being a modified Super Mario enemy that hasn’t been used for twenty-six years.

Regardless of potential copyright problems, Aldrin’s a speedster with decent attack but pretty low health. His skills focus on striking multiple enemies and interrupting casting.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.4

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_6.jpg

The Black Sovereign is a healer and status modifier who uses gravity to dilate and compress time or some pseudo-science nonsense. Her high health makes her a strong tanking unit.
She might be tall and faceless, but she cares for her subjects. Or something, I dunno. Whatever.

Starfall Dungeon – Voyager



new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_3.jpg

So, I continued revising Voyager’s design and I think this is about as good as I’m going to get with this. There was a slight alteration between the final sketch and the action pose because whatever the hell those booties are weren’t translating properly. I might put the paw pads back on her hands, though.

There are some areas in the action pose that need smoothing out; the neck brace and the bottom of the helmet come to mind. And that right leg is still all weird. I don’t know what to do about that. And her face could use some more work, too.

As for Starfall Dungeon, Voyager is the first unit you get. She’s faster than average with otherwise middling stats. Her greatest strength is that she can be extensively upgraded with higher stats and new abilities for a cheaper price than other units.

I’ll need to establish how upgrading works, as well as the units’ select screens and the like.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.3

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_4.jpg

So, in Xenoblade Chronicles, the character Reyn says things and they are funny. Also in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, there are unique monsters with special names, such as Final Marcus; Confiscator Jimmy; and Joker, the Unknowable. Meanwhile, on the Internet, some bright spark on the Tumblr came up with a joke name for a Unique using one of the memes that Reyn says.

And it stuck with me to this day, so here’s Ringmaster Whatta & His Buncha Jokers. At the age of six, he was born without a face.


Whatta doesn’t attack enemies directly; instead, he directs the Jokers to perform attacks in his stead. Each of the Jokers have an action command to allow the next Joker to perform another attack. Perhaps Whatta could have an attack where his Jokers attack a target indefinitely until the player misses an action command…

Besides attacking, Whatta could inflict debuffs and status ailments on enemies, perhaps? Such as: banana peels to prevent actions; blinding pies; seltzer spray to increase electricity-based damage… I dunno, clown nonsense.

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.3

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_7.jpg

Some notes on how attacking will be performed. And a fish doctor named after a cat I saw once.

For attacking, I had considered using raycasting or collision detection for determining what gets hit for a little while. However, there is the issue of nonstandard positioning and character design that would complicate doing so.

A more reliable method of attacking would be having an array of characters, and I do love me some arrays. Each attack has different keywords that determine which array points will be affected. Attacks with the “Single” keyword allow the player to select a target, with additional keywords denoting acceptable targets: first, second, or third columns; ground or air. Attacks with the “Line” keyword automatically strike every target on a line, with most attacks automatically affecting their specified row; some “Line” attacks can target either the ground or air. And “All” designated attacks just hit everything.

Certain abilities or units can block attacks from affecting units behind them; positioning will be key to get the most out of these characters/abilities.

So I volunteer at the Humane Society with cat enrichment, which probably isn’t smart because of my allergies, and I met with a cat named “Doctor Tuna”, which stuck with me. Of course, I already have a cat character and it felt a little early to start doubling up on character types. It’s not stopping me from having, like, three fish-based characters so far.

Doctor Tuna has a bunch of healing abilities and an attack with an animesque reaction image that has an infinitesimal chance of one-shotting a target.