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Doodling – 12/30/2016

Drawing Guzma and some Team Skull Grunts with that bus stop sign for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/29/2016

Drawing Steven Stone for Pokécember. Man, his outfit is super dumb.

Doodling – 12/28/2016

Drawing Nanu for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/27/2016

Drawing Hau and his Alolan Raichu for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/26/2016

Drawing my stupid self dressed as a Pokémon Ranger being tripped by my Raichu LIKE I DESERVE.

Doodling – 12/25/2016

Slapping some lines on a traditionally-drawn picture of Rowlet for Pokécember and/or Chrimbus.

Doodling – 12/24/2016

Drawing my stupid-lookin’ self and my Raichu for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/23/2016

Drawing Rayquaza for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/22/2016

Drawing ALL the Rotom variations for Pokécember-THIS IS GOING TO TAKE THREE HOURS TO UPLOAD

Pokécember – Day 30 – “Evil” Team

pokecember 30.png

I can relate to Team Skull. They’re a bunch of ineffectual idiots with mental disorders.

Man, now that this is finished… Guzma’s head is too big; I didn’t push the forced perspective on him enough; his pants look terrible; the Grunts’ arms are bad.


(Here’s the challenge itself)