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Starfall Dungeon: Notes + Zegg

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Just some notes on a game idea I had, combining a wide variety of RPG-mechanics that I’ve seen. I think I’ve got a name, too: Starfall Dungeon sounds fairly nice, right?

Moving through the rooms and hitting encounters, such as loot and combat, is basically lifted wholesale from Darkest Dungeon, a game that I’ve never played. I’m not sure about whether I’ll be using the scrolling like DD or if I’ll just have single room encounters… I suppose that the way I’ve set up the map generator will allow me to just have extra wide rooms; it functions by using a selected room to spawn a new room a distance away using the room’s width to select the spawn point, after all…

(Note: Keep track of maximum and minimum rows and columns to better facilitate the creation of a minimap)

The “Hub” world has a number of buildings that assist with dungeon delving as well as the entrance to the dungeon itself.

  • A tree or something that heals hurt or defeated units and refills Mana.
    • I’ll have to decide on the cost of doing this: time? gold? blood?
  • Something akin to a Barracks where unit management is handled
    • Create teams
    • Upgrade units with extra stats
    • Equip units with items to improve capabilities and provide traits
  • A Shop and a Construction Sector
    • Purchase supplies for use in the dungeon, such as health and Mana restoration
    • Improve the function of buildings
      • Faster health and Mana recovery for the tree
      • Higher stat caps for units in the Barracks
      • Quick access to lower levels in the dungeon
      • Better items in the shop

The initiative order is dynamic: each allied unit gets put on the left side of the initiative bar while enemies get put on the right and they all move towards the center at their specific speeds. Once they reach the center, they get to choose an action.

I’m mulling over using a design element that I saw in Child of Light; upon choosing an action to perform, each unit enters a “Casting” phase while they prepare their action. Different actions have different “Casting” times and, if the unit is struck while “Casting”, they get interrupted and set back on the timeline. Some future notes have more on this.

Since I’m thinking along the lines of it being a mobile game, tapping on an acting character brings up a radial menu of actions that you can select from. Tapping on the character at certain times during their actions will increase their effects, similar to the timed presses in Paper Mario.

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