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Mighty No. 9 – PART 8 – Dynatron

The Power Plant is one of the three levels that was in the Beta that was released to backers a year ago (I have been consistently calling it an “Alpha”, the inaccuracy of which is giving me anxiety) and it has not changed in the slightest.

NOTHING has changed in a full YEAR of development time between the Beta and the final release.

Anyways, Dyna throws little nodes at you that stick in the floor, walls, ceiling, and you and sends electricity towards them. This is super badly designed, because you can’t stop the nodes from coming and destroying them is often times an effort in futility.

Additionally, in the room before the boss, a new mechanic is introduced, and I use the term “introduced” loosely. What happens is, text is thrown on screen telling you to “use the crouch dash”, which is baffling because BECK CAN’T CROUCH. And if you don’t crouch dash, you die.

Badly designed. Blugh.

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