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Mighty No. 9 – FINALE – My Final Thoughts

I talk about Mighty No. 9 for a while, discussing what I, personally, don’t like about it while playing through the Challenge Stages.

I’ll probably never return to this game. It just wasn’t enjoyable.

As an aside: I put together a script for this and I STILL flubbed my lines!

Mighty No. 9 – PART 20 – Release Vs. Demo Comparison

In this episode, I run through Mighty No. 1’s stage in both the released version of the game and the demo version of the game released to backers.

Keep in mind that the demo was released over a year before the game truly came out and the differences are either negligible or possibly non-existent and simply hidden behind demo coding.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 19 – Trinity

We finish up Ray’s storyline by fighting Trinity again for some reason. Sadly, we don’t get to fight Beck, which would have been an AWESOME final boss, but whatever.

Also, the wrap-up to her story is a black screen with text on it and then a still image as she returns to suffering because Beck can’t permanently prevent her body’s degradation.

And then it ends and that’s it and it’s super disappointing because it was so much more interesting than the main story.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 18 – Prison [Ray]

We head back to prison, where this game still belongs, and struggle with figuring out how all the different abilities work for Ray.

Beans, I screwed up the scheduling.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 17 – Countershade & Aviator [Ray]

The game is very clearly not made for a second playable character. Case in point, the Aviator boss fight for Ray, wherein she is frequently and repeatedly referred to as “Beck” because that voice-line wasn’t removed or altered.

Also, Ray’s Countershade ReXelection is ASTONISHINGLY useless, what the hell.

Since I screwed up and didn’t schedule PART 18 properly, I’m pushing PARTs 16 and 17 now.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 16 – Seismic, Brandish, and Dynatron [Ray]

I speed right on through to the other side, using the significantly more enjoyable playstyle of Ray to actually have a little bit of fun kind of.

Since I screwed up and didn’t schedule PART 18 properly, I’m pushing PARTs 16 and 17 now.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 15 – Cryosphere & Battalion [Ray]

I continue with Ray’s quest to discover the truth behind her failing body by killing (while also not killing) the other Mighty No.s.

This is honestly so much faster and more enjoyable than the main campaign.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 14 – The Tutorial & Pyrogen [Ray]

I tackle the first two levels with our new playable character, Raychel, and honestly kinda have a good time. Ray’s so much faster to play as than Beck because all of her melee attacks actively absorb enemies without needing to dash and her dash is an attack in-and-of-itself.

It’s so much faster and a lot more fun. Plus, Ray’s plot line and character arc is super interesting compared to Beck’s.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 13 – Raychel

Because I backed the game, I got the RAY DLC for free when the game came out. And it’s honestly FAR more interesting than the actual game was.

Mighty No. 9 – PART 12 – All Mighty No. Cameos and Boss/Ability Interactions

In this video, I don’t talk! Which is probably a blessing for anybody who happens upon these. For this video, I’m showcasing every occurrence of the rescued Mighty No.s appearing in another Mighty No.’s stage and how each of the boss abilities, or “Re-Xel-ections”, of the cameos interacts with that stage’s boss.