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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 33 – Oedipus Rex

In this shorter episode, I finish up around Fonsett, with Corinne stating that Rex’s love interest reminds her of his mother and Wulfric inadvertently terrorizing the populace, before heading back to Garfont to beat up my uppity subordinates.


Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 10 – Now It’s Mine Time

Unable to enter Colony 6 through the front, I head down into the mines below it and meet the only survivor of the defense team, Otharon, and their giant, insipid drill.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 9 – Miscellaneous Wandering

This episode is spent wandering about Gaur Plain, seeing as much as it has to offer, and meeting with the late-game Immovable Gonzalez back where Juju was snatched up.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 32 – Homecoming

I conclude working on sidequests and head back to Leftheria to progress the plot to Fonsett Village. And along the way, I meet my nemesis, a Unique Olphen Jagron named Confiscator Jimmy.

I hate Olphen Jagron. They’re the worst.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 8 – Engage the Enemy

In this episode, I forgot to turn the commentary recording back on! So, while finishing up some sidequests and heading up towards the plot, I rant about Super Smash Bros. and my poor life decisions.

This game still gives me chills. I love it, even if Juju’s a dum-dum.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 31 – Four Lucky Gals

I finish Vess’s quest, which ends with Mabon just DYING partway through a conversation, check in with Jac’s family, head to the Chansagh Wastes to fish up Gluttonous Marrin and the Lucky Core Crystal, and start the Core Hunter questline with Praxis and Theory.

Praxis and Theory don’t look good, unlike Kassandra.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 7 – To Prove A Point

Juju decides to travel to the Mechon-occupied Colony 6 alone because “EvERyoNE ElSe iS CoWArDs!!” and complains about driving into a barrier that prevents him from sailing directly off the side of a bridge.

And, with Juju charging headlong into mortal danger, I instead decide to explore Gaur Plain for a time while chatting about: instant death attacks in Xenoblade 1 & 2, Elma from Xenoblade X being added to 2, and a little bit of Super Smash Bros.