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Hoo, forgot to post this when I finished it at the beginning of the month.

So, the ending of Transistor was alarming, to say the least. Certainly not the “Feel-good” game of the summer with an ending like that.

Coming back to this a month later and, not only can I say that I’m still not super keen on that anatomy or Red’s unnamed beau, but I think her neck is too long. I dunno.

Transistor – FINALE – .Bye()

I leave my Transistor experience with more questions than I started with and just a feeling of general alarm and dismay.

Transistor – PART 12 – What A Fairview

I head through much of Fairview, pursued by a man piloting a floating television, as the very laws of reality begin to pull themselves apart at the seams.

Transistor – PART 11 – Shave and A Haircut

After getting a little lost on my way through the beginning of the game, I encounter the “Man” type of the Process, Red gains complete control over the city, and Royce Bracket, last of the Camerata, makes an appearance as a floating television.

Doodling – 10/26/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I guess I’m mostly finished with this now? I might do some more work on the eyes and lighten the Transistor a bit. But I need to move on.

Transistor – PART 10 – Back to the Beginning

I head back towards where the game began, fighting through the mounting corruption of the city as it’s taken in by the Process.

Transistor – PART 9 – Process Terminated: Cowards

I finally get to the top of the tower and meet two of the three “surviving” members of the Camerata.

Doodling – 10/24/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Kind Of–

I paint in the Transistor for the most part. Just need those Process bricks and to be faster in general because this has been going on for far too long.

Transistor – PART 8 – … Nothing Changes

All the Camerata wanted to do was give the people what they “didn’t know they wanted” and, to do so, started stabbing people with a circuit board for some reason.

Doodling – 10/22/2016

–Transistor Spoilers Sort Of–

Finishing them feet before moving onto Transistor’s unnamed man living inside the Transistor itself. I don’t know what he’s really supposed to look like and I’m not super happy with him.