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Doodling – June 2017

Here’s the drawing I did for my Breath of the Wild videos that nobody watches. Uuuuuh… It’s a thing, I guess.

Doodling – 4/27/2017

Drawing some Alolan Raichus. I think their ears are incorrectly sized for both in opposite ways?

Doodling – 4/20/2017 + 4/23/2017

Just some sketches of weird creature ideas for my game, some more corgis, Centipeder from My Hero Academia, and Bill Potts from Doctor Who.

Doodling – 4/14/2017 + 4/18/2017

Sketching fey and corgis and fey corgis. I don’t like how the anthropomorphic one came out.

Doodling – 4/10/2017 + 4/11/2017

I quick sketch a little encounter I had in Pokémon Go with a Cyndaquil at the parking lot for my job, wherein it slaps an Ultra Ball into the ground and causes the virtual environment to become engulfed in blackness, then I sketch a robot, an acorn, and a burping onion/radish thing.

Work – 4/6/2017

More work on getting my Tree boss back into the game. It’s a lot of coding this time.

Doodling – 4/5/2017 + 4/6/2017

Just sketching some enemy concepts for my game and a random landscape study.

Work – 4/3/2017 + 4/5/2017

Working on getting my first boss back into this new iteration of my game.

Doodling – 4/1/2017 to 4/4/2017

Sketching just a bunch of ideas, some for my game and some just for figure practice. Some concepts for enemies, a revised player character, and just a bunch of heads.

Doodling – 3/20/2017 + 3/26/2017 + 3/27/2017

Just random sketches from a while back. More of my samurai, a little bit of my poor, old cat, and just a bunch of random heads.