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TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 39 – Further Horseplay

After purging Vah Naboris of Ganon’s influence, I decide to take some time to locate some horse stuff, particularly the Ancient Horse Gear, the magical horse spring and its glorious patron Malanya, and the mega chunky horse.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 38 – Vah Naboris

I return the Thunder Helm to Riju, who proceeds to shield me during our assault on the aggressive stomp-camel. Naboris itself is a giant, rotating puzzle that absolute baffles me and I struggle with the speedy Thunderblight Ganon.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 37 – Hnnrg, Metal Gear, Hunh?

I explore the entirety of Gerudo Town and meet Riju before heading out to face down the whole of the Yiga Clan.

… The useless, incompetent Yiga Clan and their incompetent, bumbling boss.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 36 – Thunder Gimp

I take a detour from Gerudo Town to go and collect the other two pieces of the rubber armor and upgrade the entire set to become inured to electricity for the assault on Nabooris.

And YouTube has failed to upload this episode twice so far, and it’s still having issues this third time, what the hell.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 35 – Pretty, Pretty Lady

Welcome to the episode wherein I GO INSANE!

Tired and delirious, EVERYthing becomes HIlarious as I continue the search for a way to infiltrate the woman-exclusive Gerudo Town.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 34 – Rise and Fall

After being shouted at by the robot camel, I start heading towards Gerudo Town before immediately turning around and wandering off into the mountains for a while.

Oh, and I jump blindly into the bottomless chasm surrounding the Gerudo Tower FOR SCIENCE!

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 33 – The Talus They Stand…

I fight and defeat my first Stone Talus before taking a break from the game.

For seven months.

And, upon my return, I’m absolutely befuddled as I head into the desert to confront an enormous murder-camel.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 32 – Into the Frying Pan

I return to the Great Plateau to begin my trek south towards the desert. Along the way, I encounter a trio of remarkably heat-sensitive Gorons who challenge me to stand on what is basically a giant frying pan.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 31 – Hyrulean Homeowner

I wander aimlessly into the mountains, learn how to shield-surf, and buy that house back in Hateno Village.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 30 – Hnnrg… Winding Route, Huh?

I wander back and forth around Rito Village, doing some side quests and gaining access to the shrine with the ladder in it which everyone and their mother has made the Snake Eater/Metal Gear joke about.