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The Knife of Dunwall – Glitchie Lurk

So, I think you can trigger this dialogue about three times throughout this mission. It’s silly.

The Knife of Dunwall – FINALE – Past and Present

I return to Daud’s hideout and discover a journal that I had forgotten about from when I first played this DLC; Billie’s journal, detailing her past and how she fell in with Daud. I adored how this journal sets the stage for Meagan Foster in Dishonored 2.

Then, I fumble my way through this final area, eliminating Overseers through a combination of gadgets; magic; and wacky enemy AI, and finally confront Delilah for the first time.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 5 – “MASTER Assassin”

Woops. Woops, uh-oh. Woops.

I fumble aimlessly through Barrister Timsh’s townhouse, slowly making a pile of quickly despawning bodies. Eventually, by swapping out Timsh’s papers and tossing the potentially-people sack into the ventilator, I get Timsh to evict himself, though not before getting some more quality dialogue from Billie.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 4 – A Bag of People? Possibly!

I recover the key to the door leading into the legal district and partner with a wacky masked man to trick Barrister Timsh into evicting himself using a sack obtained from a cultist’s madhouse, which might be filled with people.

Also, we get the famed conversation with Billie where she wonders what the Outsider smells like, so that’s fun.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 3 – Boxing Day

I accost Rothwild and torture him for information on the Delilah whaling ship, just barely missing out on “obtaining” his safe code. Then I stuff him into a shipping crate, bound for abroad, then head off to the Legal District.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 2- The Rothwild Slaughterhouse

Picking up from the last episode, I contend with Rothwild’s psychotic murder-butchers and their giant, chest-mounted buzzsaws while exploring the Slaughterhouse for loot while (badly) singing and airing my complaints about Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The Knife of Dunwall – PART 1 – Back to Dishonored the First

I have a terrible work ethic, but it’s okay! Nobody watches my channel anyways. I return to the first Dishonored upon hearing the news of Death of the Outsider and marvel at how much less refined it is compared to Dishonored 2! Shocking.

I lead the repentant serial killer, Daud, towards his destiny, pursuing the name “Delilah” through the whaling district and chattering incessantly about the canon of the games.