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The Brigmore Witches – PART 4 – Immersing Yourself in Art

I lead Daud through the ruins of the Brigmore Manor and pursue Delilah into the Void hidden inside of her paintings, thwarting her plans to claim the throne of Dunwall.

The Brigmore Witches – PART 3 – Choices Circumvented by Cheating

I infiltrate [re: bumble through] the Textile Mill, the Hatters’ hideout, to retrieve the motor to Lizzy’s boat, kill everyone with poison, and then reload a save because I have lost interest in doing things “legit”.

The Brigmore Witches – Call Me Mario!

… I shout while repeatedly jumping up and down on a guy’s head, cackling like a madman.

I decided to cut this clip out of the last episode because I enjoyed, at least.

The Brigmore Witches – PART 2 – The Dead Eels

I travel across Draper’s Ward, avoiding the turf war between the Hatters and the Dead Eels, while trying to retrieve Lizzy’s boat from the mutinous Edgar Wakefield… and just sort of lose my mind while trying to marry a couple of unconscious people for Granny Rags, resulting in me jumping up and down on a guy for a few minutes.

The Brigmore Witches – PART 1 – A Stay of Execution for Lizzy

Hey! After a few months (with a month break between recording sessions), I get around to finishing Daud’s side of the story in the first Dishonored.

We start out by spastically fighting Daud’s obsessive Corvo nightmare and then invade Coldridge Prison to rescue a boat captain for our trip up to the Brigmore Manor… and meet an old “friend” from The Knife of Dunwall along the way.