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Viv + Riri – Work Date

A digital art piece featuring Marvel Comics’ Viv Vision and Riri Williams (Ironheart). They are seated at a table with a partially-constructed helmet for the Ironheart armor in front of them. Viv and Riri are looking at one another, smiling. Riri is gesticulating with one arm, the other laying on the table. Viv is tucking her long, loose hair behind one ear.

Some more Marvel Vivheart fanart: Viv Vision and Riri Williams working on the MK. 3 Ironheart’s helmet.


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Marvel Fanart – Viv & Riri Present!

I did a chibi panel redraw of Marvel’s Champions (2020) featuring Viv Vision and Riri Williams (Ironheart) presenting their messaging app, #ChampionsCharge. They’re my favorite Marvels.

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Viv and Riri: On A Walk


I drew Marvel’s Viv Vision and Riri Williams again, as is my wont. I hope that they’re not kicking off this new Champions event by killing Viv again, because Viv suffering got real old a long time ago.