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Overwatch: Anniversary

Here’s some highlights and Plays of the Game from around the Anniversary event. I’m still trying to work up the bother to finish some new thumbnails for the next videos. I dunno, whatever.


Highlight (0:00) – Temple of Anubis (Mystery Heroes) – Reinhardt
——— Honestly, I just like the sound Reinhardt’s hammer makes when it hits things.

Highlight (0:35) – King’s Row (Mystery Heroes) – Torbjörn
——— I liked how I sniped Pharah down in this one.

Play of the Game (1:00) – Lijiang Tower (Mystery Heroes) – Reaper
——— I barely survive Orisa with 2 health. Wow.

Highlight (1:25) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Mystery Heroes) – Torbjörn
——— Behold! The most pathetic Play of the Game yet!

Play of the Game (1:48) – Volskaya Industries (Mystery Heroes) – Winston
——— I participate in tickling people as a gorilla and get PotG as a result. I don’t know how people play Winston.

Play of the Game (2:14) – Temple of Anubis – Zenyatta
——— … I guess the game found this pretty impressive. I dunno, our Bastion dies and I help kill a couple of people.

Highlight (2:37) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Mystery Heroes) – D.Va
——— Here’s a triple kill with the Ult. to help push the payload.

Highlight (3:02) – Temple of Anubis – Mercy
——— I gun down the enemy Soldier and Rez two people to help take the point.

Play of the Game (3:26) – Hollywood – Junkrat
——— I use the Riptire to effectively take revenge over losing the point and allowing the enemy team to start pushing the payload.

Highlight (3:50) – King’s Row – D.Va
——— Another triple kill with the Ult to help push the payload to the end.

Highlight (4:15) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar – Sombra
——— I like to think that hacking Mei won us the game because it stopped her from using her Ice Block to stall for time. I’m really trying to get good with her.

Play of the Game (4:40) – Temple of Anubis – Junkrat
——— … I don’t know. The Play of the Game algorithm is weird sometimes.

Highlight (5:05) – Route 66 (Mystery Heroes) – Reaper
——— I used Widowmaker’s Ult to my advantage here! And kill a couple of people.

Highlight (5:29) – Route 66 – Mercy
——— This was actually our Reaper’s Play of the Game, even though he only got one final blow.

Play of the Game (5:54) – Temple of Anubis (Mystery Heroes) – Symmetra
——— Attack!Symmetra kills three people, gets frozen by Mei, INEXPLICABLY SURVIVES A HEADSHOT, and then kills her. I don’t know what happened here.

Play of the Game (6:18) – Volskaya Industries (Mystery Heroes) – D.Va
——— I assist Sombra in killing Zarya and Mercy before killing the enemy Sombra. I dunno, man, it’s weird.

Play of the Game (6:42) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Mystery Heroes) – Reaper
——— I kill three people, Mercy Resurrects two, and then we lose because no one was on the payload.

Play of the Game (7:06) – Hanamura – Soldier: 76
——— I participate heavily in many kills to take the point.

Overwatch – Junkenstein’s Revenge! [10/11/2016]

I try out the new Halloween Brawl and it was one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen out of this game, I love it, this update is so dumb.

I also got Pharah’s Thunderbird skin from my free Halloween loot box, which is a shame because I am literally incapable of playing Pharah for some arcane reason.

After a few bad games, between failing at Pharah and backfilling seconds from losing, I wind up at Eichenwalde as a VERY LAGGY Torbjörn.


Match 1 (3:00) – Junkenstein’s Revenge (Defend|Victory) – Soldier: 76

Match 2 (13:28) – Eichenwalde (Defend|Victory) – Torbjörn (Lag!Dwarf)

Overwatch – MVG: Most Valuable Genji [10/9/2016]

So, I think the issues causing OBS to crash is because my power supply isn’t supplying enough power to keep the CPU at acceptable heat levels while running OBS, Overwatch, and my new monitor all at once. I’ll need to get a better one post-haste. It’s a real shame, too, because I had a good set of games with a few swell chaps but the recording failed partway through.

Anyways, I chat with some guys about my username, we get thrashed in the first game and rage-quitting abounds, and then we barely squeak out a victory in our second because of our Most Valuable Genji, DennisThaGod.


Lowlights (0:00) – Lijiang Tower (Attack|Crushing Defeat) – Soldier: 76

Match 1 (4:10) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Attack|Victory) – Mercy