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Sketch Dump: June 2017 – P4

new doc 2017-06-17 14.16.08_7.jpg

new doc 2017-06-17 14.16.08_8.jpg

For my last sketches of June before I lost interest in things, I sketched a bunch of Mario characters for that hypothetical new Paper Mario concept that goes back to more of the original style that I COMPLETELY ORIGINALLY thought up by myself.

I also drew Mia, the Best Characterâ„¢ from Xenoblade Chronicles X. I really wanted to enjoy Xenoblade X as much as I enjoyed the original Xenoblade, but it just was lacking in the things that made Xenoblade enjoyable for me. And Xenoblade 2 looks to be going back to focus more on the story and characters, but I hate how the characters look, so…

Anyways, here’s the general concept for this hypothetical game.

Bowser attempts to kidnap Peach like always and tries fleeing in the Clown Copter. Mario hangs on and Bowser’s attempts to lose him causes them to crash onto an island, separating the three. Bowser gets abducted by, like, a cult that drains him of his powers to resurrect an ancient evil. Or something.

Sketch Dump: May 2017 – P3

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_5.jpg

new doc 2017-06-09 13.37.06_6.jpg

More sketches. I don’t know what the hell I was creating with the creepy mask creatures up there.

I’d been playing the first two Paper Mario games and I was really enjoying them. I kind of wish they’d go back to the original gameplay style. Anyways, I also like the design of Shy Guys, so it’d be neat to have a pirate Shy Guy or something as a party member in just such a hypothetical game.