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Doodling – 9/30/2016

I start sketching the new Pokemon, Lycanroc, and Bisharp as Sif and Artorias from Dark Souls with Honedge and Aegislash as their swords.

Alola Raichu – Finished

raichu - alolan finished.png

I like Alola Raichu. He’s round and soft and good.

This is about as far as this will be going; there’s no reason to give myself an aneurysm trying to perfect the wave because I have no idea how to draw waves.

Doodling – 8/15/2016

I didn’t doodle yesterday because I’m easily distracted and instead Monster Hunter-ed. Today, though, I went back to Alola Raichu and that stupid, stupid wave for a while, after which I decided to move on before I gave myself an aneurysm. Then I went back to sketching my Overwatch comic and rediscovered that I don’t know how to draw any of these characters.

Doodling – 8/13/2016

I spent three-and-a-half hours drawing and redrawing the same wave over and over again for my Alolan Raichu while watching Late Night with Cry and Russ and I still don’t like it aaaagh.

Doodling – 8/11/2016

I do some shading practice with my Alolan Raichu drawing. Eh, I dunno what I’m doing. I also want to do a simple background, but I get distracted by Monster Hunter on 8/12.

Doodling – 8/10/2016

I sketched, lined, and placed flat colors on a picture of the NEW Alolan  Raichu! Because, after 20 years of neglect and mild abuse, Raichu really deserved something nice. I mean, it’s probably just a hand-me-down from Pikachu, but at least we can enjoy Raichu having something special to itself for a little while.

Alolan Raichu – Flats

raichu - alolan.png

I’m glad that, after two decades of getting nothing but a 10 point increase to its speed and being regularly screwed over, Raichu is finally getting something. I mean, it’s probably going to be another hand-me-down from Pikachu, like Volt Tackle, but it’s nice to think that its getting something special. For a little while, at least.

I like the look. It’s ridiculously adorable.