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Doodling – 12/16/2016

Drawing Bisharp into the Lycanroc picture for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/15/2016

Drawing Tyrantrum for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/14/2016

Drawing Froslass and Lilligant for Pokécember.

Pokécember – Day 23 – Legendary

pokecember 23.png

Rayquaza was the first Legendary Pokémon that I got particularly attached to. It and my Raichu from Pokémon Emerald were my first fully leveled Pokémon.

I drew Rayquaza’s body segments too short, so this guy’s a little on the stumpy side of things.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Pokécember – Day 22 – Single Stage Pokémon

pokecember 22.png

There’s a few single stage Pokémon that I like, but Rotom takes the cake for me. I really like its design and multiple forms.

This took a really long time to finish because of how many there were and I’m not super keen on some of these lines, but there isn’t anything I can do now.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Pokécember – Day 21 – Z-Move

pokecember 21.png


Beyond getting an Alolan form after twenty years of neglect and mild abuse, Alolan Raichu also got its own unique Z-Crystal, AloRaichium-Z, allowing it to boost its Thunderbolt attack into the powerful Stoked Sparksurfer.

AloRaichu has got some cute, floppy ears and I love her.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Doodling – 12/13/2016

Drawing Lycanroc for Pokécember. Her muzzle is noticeably too large, though.

Doodling – 12/12/2016

Drawing the new Salazzle for Pokécember. What a weird harem lizard she is, eh?

Doodling – 12/11/2016

Drawing Trevenant for Pokécember.

Doodling – 12/10/2016

Catch-up with all these VIDEOS time. Drawing Armaldo for Pokécember.