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Doodling – 3/7/2017 to 3/9/2017

Here’s the sketching and lining I did these last few days for Orisa and Baymax.

Doodling – 3/6/2017

Finishing up the sketch lines on Orisa.

Doodling – 3/5/2017

Working further on my sketch of the new Overwatch hero, Orisa. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster – 2/6/2017 to 2/13/2017

You might have noticed that I went on break this week, non-existent viewers, to begin setting up videos for Dishonored 2 (though my computer is only barely able to play the game).

Anyways, Overwatch’s loot boxes make me unreasonably angry and stressed and I bought $20’s worth of them and just got absolute garbage anyways so I just need to make it impossible for me to buy loot boxes again possibly with parental controls with a password generated by banging on the keyboard.


Trash Box Opening (0:00)

Play of the Game (5:22) – Ilios (Mystery Heroes) – McCree
——— If I had gone left instead of right, I might have gotten Lúcio with Dead Eye as well and avoided that absolute travesty of McCree gameplay.

Play of the Game (5:48) – Ilios (Mystery Heroes) – D.Va
——— NOBODY knew what happened with this. Absolute nothing of note happens besides Lúcio “nope”-ing off to the right to his death.

Play of the Game (6:13) – Dorado (Mystery Heroes) – Hanzo
——— Behold! as trash!Hanzo steals all the glory with the Ult.

Highlight (6:37) – King’s Row (Mystery Heroes) – Reaper
——— Watch as my jittery and fearful movements result in a team kill and also my death (I was Resurrected shortly after).

Play of the Game (7:01) – Eichenwald (Mystery Heroes) – Junkrat
——— Panic!hopping is the name of the game here. I’m not sure why this is Play of the Game, but whatever.

Highlight (7:26) – Hollywood (Mystery Heroes) – Tracer
——— I included this, not because it’s particularly good (goodness knows I’m trash with Tracer and especially her bombs), but because I didn’t die this entire match. There was just a permanent trash!Tracer harassing the enemy team and I was the trash.

Play of the Game (7:50) – Dorado (Mystery Heroes) – Pharah
——— You know it’s Mystery Heroes when it’s Pharah because I am the worst Pharah in the world. Watch as McCree goes off the cliff because of the concussion blast!

Highlight (8:15) – Dorado (Mystery Heroes) – Ana
——— In a completely unplanned bit of Ultimate synergy, I, the most distressing grandma, Nano Boost Zarya as she fires her Graviton Surge, helping her win Play of the Game for that match.

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster – 1/30/2017 + 2/1/2017

More highlights and lootboxes in Overwatch!

I swear, though, I get unreasonably stressed out when I get duplicates in lootboxes and to get not only ONE duplicate of D.Va’s event emote but TWO IN THE SAME BOX, well… It kinda makes me want to just take a hammer to my knees for whatever relief that might bring.


0:00 – Lootbox opening

Highlight (1:00) – Nepal (Mystery Heroes) – Mei
——– Not of any particular note, but I helped to clear the point to win the round, so that’s nice. I almost died, looking back on it…

Play of the Game (1:25) – Dorado (Mystery Heroes) – D.Va
——– We were on overtime and we hadn’t managed to get the Payload any notable distance towards the first point, but killing their two tanks and two healers in one fell swoop allowed us to at least lose farther along instead. My mech nearly got destroyed before I could though…

Play of the Game (1:50) – Lijiang Tower (Mystery Heroes) – Reinhardt
——– Poor D.Va accidentally backed up into my Charge and got flung off the map after my Ultimate results in the deaths of three of her fellows. I almost died in this one, too… At least I’m consistent??

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster – 1/28/2017

7 Lootboxes, 2 Chicken-Capturing Plays of the Game, a variety of nifty loot with 1 Legendary Skin, and the BEST LÚCIO HIGHLIGHT EVER.


0:00 – Lootbox opening

Highlight (0:58) – Lijiang Tower (Capture the Chicken) – Lúcio
——— I wasn’t playing Lúcio this match.

Play of the Game (1:23) – Lijiang Tower (Capture the Chicken) – Symmetra
——— The best part of this was Reinhardt flying off the map at the start. That was funny.

Play of the Game (1:48) – Lijiang Tower (Capture the Chicken) – Torbjörn
——— I was the only one to make a flag capture this match. Of course, aggressive shotgun dwarf didn’t make it out of this Play of the Game alive.

Overwatch Highlights! [10/31/2016]

So, I’ve been trying out Reaper and Reinhardt after getting some nifty gear out of the Halloween loot boxes (Reaper’s Pumpkin skin and Reinhardt’s Halloween emote and voiceline). I’m by no means good at, like, anything, but here’s some of the highlights the game saved for me.


Highlight 1 – Reinhardt (Hollywood|Defend)
—- So, though we lost this game through a combination of being outmatched and my own bad playing, this was a fun highlight. In fact, it was the Play of the Game… for our deceased Junkrat. I coincidentally Earthshatter-ed Mercy and her resurrected allies right on top of his exploding corpse.

Highlight 2 – Reaper (Numbani|Attack)
—- Fun fact: a few seconds before this, I had just finished killing the opposing team’s Junkrat and McCree. I might have even stolen Play of the Game from their Mei if I had gotten all the Final Blows during this.

Highlight 3 – Reinhardt (Dorado|Defend)
—- I honestly don’t know what’s happening most of the time with Reinhardt. Like, where even WAS Torbjörn while I was hitting him?

Overwatch: Halloween Edition! [10/13/2016]

‘ey, going on hiatus again next week to build up a backlog of Dark Souls II videos.

Anyways, here I play a few games for the Halloween update and get very upset about getting two duplicates in a Loot Box, particularly because one was a victory pose that I’d gotten in the previous box.

I’ve determined that trying to record Overwatch with both Audacity and OBS pushes my system JUST A LITTLE TOO FAR, but just OBS is peachy-keen. It just means I’ll need to do some voice/game balancing in OBS itself.


Match 1 (0:00) – Hollywood: Halloween Edition (Defense|Victory) – Zenyatta

Match 2 (11:10) – Eichenwalde (Defense|Victory) – Junkrat

Match 3 (19:07) – King’s Row (Attack|Victory) – Zarya

Overwatch – Junkenstein’s Revenge! [10/11/2016]

I try out the new Halloween Brawl and it was one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen out of this game, I love it, this update is so dumb.

I also got Pharah’s Thunderbird skin from my free Halloween loot box, which is a shame because I am literally incapable of playing Pharah for some arcane reason.

After a few bad games, between failing at Pharah and backfilling seconds from losing, I wind up at Eichenwalde as a VERY LAGGY Torbjörn.


Match 1 (3:00) – Junkenstein’s Revenge (Defend|Victory) – Soldier: 76

Match 2 (13:28) – Eichenwalde (Defend|Victory) – Torbjörn (Lag!Dwarf)

Overwatch – MVG: Most Valuable Genji [10/9/2016]

So, I think the issues causing OBS to crash is because my power supply isn’t supplying enough power to keep the CPU at acceptable heat levels while running OBS, Overwatch, and my new monitor all at once. I’ll need to get a better one post-haste. It’s a real shame, too, because I had a good set of games with a few swell chaps but the recording failed partway through.

Anyways, I chat with some guys about my username, we get thrashed in the first game and rage-quitting abounds, and then we barely squeak out a victory in our second because of our Most Valuable Genji, DennisThaGod.


Lowlights (0:00) – Lijiang Tower (Attack|Crushing Defeat) – Soldier: 76

Match 1 (4:10) – Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Attack|Victory) – Mercy