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Ōkami – PART 42 – The Amazing Chan Clan Chat

I start heading back through the previous areas to collect everything I missed, starting from the very beginning at Kamiki, and chatter about an obscure 1970s cartoon called “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan” and then about how much I hate the first two “Ben 10” sequels.

Ōkami – PART 41 – The Death of a Goddess

I enter the second half of the stable time loop started in Part 39, being a bystander to the mortal wound that ultimately kills Amaterasu’s past self, Shiranui. Then Oki gets his baggage together and he and I defeat the Twin Demons once and for all.

Also, between a cutscene featuring a duplicate sword floating in the background and three separate instances of the dungeon having tWO SAVE POINTS WITHIN SPITTING DISTANCE OF EACH OTHER, I have a bit of a mental break here during this episode. Like, what bright spark designed this level??

Ōkami – PART 40 – It’s Not “Ice” Being In An Ice Level

I head into Wawku Shrine, a frozen hell pit filled with ice, cannons, and spinning murder platforms. And I finally get my wish for a puzzle that isn’t immediately spelled out for me by Issun and then reveal myself for an idiot when it takes me ages to figure it out.

Ōkami – PART 39 – Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

I enter the timey-wimey portion of the game as the Spirit Gate hurls Ammy through time and space to the day of the Legend of Orochi, whereupon I have to force the legend to unfold because Nagi is an arrogant bumbler that I have little respect for.

Ōkami – PART 38 – The Celestial Envoys of Ponc’tan

OBS really doesn’t like the wireless headphones being activated mid-recording.

Anyways, I clean up Ponc’tan and meet Ammy’s old traveling partner and Issun’s grandfather, Ishaku, before heading to the Spirit Gate deeper in the forest.

Ōkami – PART 37 – Off-Limits To All*

*And by “all”, we mean “just you”

I obtain the charm that will allow me into Yoshpet, the Consuming Forest that only somebody holding this charm can enter, meet up with Waka IN YOSHPET, and then have Kai lead me to Ponc’tan… THROUGH YOSHPET.

Ōkami – PART 36 – Breast Physics, But For A Stomach

I briefly attempt to go deal with hopefully the last Blockhead and accidentally run into the plot! And then I get unnecessarily freaked out over Chief Kemu’s creepy, creepy stomach and roll a snowball around for 10 minutes.


I head into Wep’keer to continue the plot, though not before going into a hole containing anOTHER BLOCKHEAD WHY

Ōkami – PART 34 – The Frozen Land in the North

I start off this episode with getting the Water Tablet from the Emperor before heading out towards plot progression in Shinshu Field. Also, I look at a bunch of fish and get thoroughly thrashed by Oki.

Ōkami – PART 33 – Neither Snow Nor Rain…

… nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from being beaten in a race and mugged by a wolf.

I attempt to continue on to the plot and instead get super distracted by mailmen and a silly man with a spinning head.