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Pokécember – Day 3 – Grass

pokecember 3.png

So, I’m doing some tandem pieces as I go through the Pokécember challenge. I was originally going to do the Grass-type with the Ice-type much later on, but I decided to just do Rowlet today and possibly go the whole nine yards when we get to the 14th.

Anyways, I severely underestimated the size difference between Rowlet’s 1 foot and Noctowl’s full FIVE FOOT HEIGHT. Even after shrinking Rowlet down, I still feel that it’s too large. Also not round enough.

I have a fair few Grass-type Pokémon that I like, but I felt that the tandem piece would be best for the two owl Pokémon.

(Here’s the challenge itself)

Doodling – 12/1/2016

I’m doing a Pokémon “Drawing-a-Day” challenge for December. For the first day, it’s the Normal-type Noctowl, after which I return to drawing AloRaichu.

Pokécember – Day 1 – Normal

pokecember 1.png

So, I’ve decided to do a “drawing-a-day” challenge through December regarding Pokémon.

For the first day, we’re to draw our favorite Normal-type Pokémon. I’ve never been super attached to any Normal-types, myself, but I do enjoy owls so Noctowl gets to be Pokémon #1.

(Here’s the challenge itself)