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Doodling – 9/23/2016

I spend tonight throwing lines on the Metroids.

Doodling – 9/21/2016

I finish sketching better sketches of the Metroids, but it got late and I didn’t move on to throwing on lines.

Doodling – 9/20/2016

I finish the Samus lineart and then start on better sketches for the Metroids in the back. How the hell do any of these characters work.

Doodling – 9/18/2016

After somehow messing up Krita such that there was a two inch difference between the cursor and where the drawing was happening, I throw some colors on the Artorias armor and add some more lines to Samus. I’m not SUper happy with how the colors came out, but eeeeh…?

Doodling – 9/16/2016

I line the Artorias armor and begin work on lining Samus.

Doodling – 9/6/2016

And we’re back! The computer appears to be back in order, so I can get back to doing the things that I do. Anyways, I go back and generally finish the sketch of Samus.

Doodling – 8/31/2016

Hey, here’s the doodling from last Wednesday. I haven’t been able to do much because one of the hard drives in my computer has taken itself hostage on me. Anyways, I redid what I’d already done for Samus. I have no idea how the Varia Suit works.

Doodling – 8/30/2016

I do a bit more sketching about my Teslamands and their sexual dimorphism. Then, Inspired™ by watching Challenger Approaching play AM2R, I try to draw Samus and then realize I have no idea how to draw Samus, what the hell.