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Doodling – 11/14/2016

So this is basically finished now. I might come back to this later to add the Emerald Herald by the bonfire? Maybe add Momentous somewhere? I dunno, I’m through with, like, a lot of things.

Doodling – 11/12/2016 + 11/13/2016

This piece is mostly done; just need to fix up the house and rock face on the right and shove in either the Emerald Herald, my character for the game, or both near the bonfire. Maybe some clouds.

Doodling – 11/8/2016 + 11/11/2016

More Majula work. I still don’t understand how to the rocks in this piece, though.

Doodling – 11/7/2016

I did more work on the Majula piece (and also on the 8th) but then I didn’t have access to my computer for a few days because I was house-sitting.

Doodling – 11/5/2016 + 11/6/2016

Just some more work on the Majula landscape piece.

Doodling – 11/3/2016 + 11/4/2016

More work on the Dark Souls II titlecard. Man, I’m really slow and, like, not good.