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Sketch Dump: March 2017: P3

sketch 2017-05-02 10.52.19_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.53.51_1.jpg

Sketched some more of Bravo and her social circle, then I drew some of my aliens that I haven’t drawn in a while. I didn’t draw Bass’s arms because they’d really over-complicate the sketch since I didn’t have an eraser.

Doodling – 3/3/2017 + 3/4/2017

Finishing Lucy and then moving on to sketching the new Overwatch hero, Orisa, in spite of what my wretched trash-fire of a computer thinks.

Doodling – 2/28/2017 + 3/1/2017

Finishing a sketch of Jasmine facing forward for reference and then start working on one for Lucy. I don’t like the hips. I need to think of her last name too.

Bravo and Co.

bravo + co.png

I need to be better about loading these things faster. I also need to be better about drawing on scale. Lucy, Samaira, and Coby (on the right, including dog) had their guidelines drawn larger than Bravo and Jazz (on the left) and I didn’t fix that before doing lines and its just a bloody mess.

Anyways, these are a set of my characters. From the left: Dubravka¬†(“Bravo”, lead of one of my games), Jasmine (“Jazz”), Lucy, Samaira, and Coby (Samaira’s service corgi). They’re good people, yes.

I need to whip up some character sheets or just one character sheet to show height differences.