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WIP: Fish Fisherman Fishes Man – Versions A & B

I had an idea. A weird, weird idea about an anthropomorphic fish fisherman fishing a man out of a lake or pond. Version A wasn’t landing right for me; the angle was too high for what I was aiming for, but I’ll probably make something of it, too. Version B has a maaaaan in it, being hooked by the fish. I’m liking how both of these have developed thus far.

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Bubble Penguin on the Rocks

A portrait image of a penguin rendered in Adobe Illustrator. It is looking towards the sky, where there are bubbles floating about; one has landed on the end of its beak. The background is a minimalist interpretation of an arctic landscape at sunset.

As part of my ongoing experimentation with Adobe Illustrator, I vectored a penguin playing with bubbles. I have to say, it’s really convenient being able to save at a substantially higher resolution than I worked at without any loss of quality.

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Hut on the Beach – Rough, Ink and Pencil

I drew a whole landscape with ink and colored pencil, imitating traditional Japanese art. This fisherman’s hut on a beach is the initial scene of my game that I’m totally going to finish one day definitely.

A wood hut with a thatched roof sits on the edge of a beach; trees begin appearing farther to the right up the hill past the hut. A wood pier extends out from the beach into the choppy ocean. In the background, silhouettes of other islands can be seen with the vague shape of a mountain further beyond it.

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Alien At The Beach – Redbubble

morritriole at the sea-circle-watermark

I’ve added this piece to my Redbubble account. Now you too can have a strange shark creature emblazoned on your chest and/or other possessions perhaps!

Sketch Dump: June 2017 – P3

new doc 2017-06-17 14.16.08_5.jpg

new doc 2017-06-17 14.16.08_6.jpg

Just a couple of sketches of Bravo being tired like me and then I just drew a bunch of squares and an environment for some reason. Whatever.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P5

sketches march_2.png

sketches march_3.png

Some more of my sketches from the past couple of months. Here’s a robot, some plant monsters, more fey corgis, and an environment sketch.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P1

sketch 2017-05-02 10.46.40_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.49.16_1.jpg

Since I’m working now, I’ve pulled out my old sketch book for when the call volume gets low. So for the first two, here’s a panorama with my samurai concept and some random sketches of Bravo and my fey-corgi.

Doodling – 4/5/2017 + 4/6/2017

Just sketching some enemy concepts for my game and a random landscape study.