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Overwatch – Junkenstein’s Revenge! [10/11/2016]

I try out the new Halloween Brawl and it was one of the silliest things I’ve ever seen out of this game, I love it, this update is so dumb.

I also got Pharah’s Thunderbird skin from my free Halloween loot box, which is a shame because I am literally incapable of playing Pharah for some arcane reason.

After a few bad games, between failing at Pharah and backfilling seconds from losing, I wind up at Eichenwalde as a VERY LAGGY Torbjörn.


Match 1 (3:00) – Junkenstein’s Revenge (Defend|Victory) – Soldier: 76

Match 2 (13:28) – Eichenwalde (Defend|Victory) – Torbjörn (Lag!Dwarf)