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WIP: Catfish Fisherman

I’ve been conceptualizing a scene featuring an anthro catfish, dressed as a Buddhist monk, fishing. But progress on all my projects is on hold because my computer’s CPU is on the verge of catching fire.

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WIP: Fish Fisherman Fishes Man – Versions A & B

I had an idea. A weird, weird idea about an anthropomorphic fish fisherman fishing a man out of a lake or pond. Version A wasn’t landing right for me; the angle was too high for what I was aiming for, but I’ll probably make something of it, too. Version B has a maaaaan in it, being hooked by the fish. I’m liking how both of these have developed thus far.

Consider my Ko-fi –
And my Art on your Things at Redbubble, even if the company has decided to capitalism all over us all –

Alien At The Beach – Redbubble

morritriole at the sea-circle-watermark

I’ve added this piece to my Redbubble account. Now you too can have a strange shark creature emblazoned on your chest and/or other possessions perhaps!

Alien At The Beach

morritriole at the sea

I hear that this past month was #Mermay in the art community. While I don’t have a mermaid, I do have my OC Morritriole, an alien that looks like a hybrid of a shark and a weasel. They’re having a relaxing time at the beach, eating some fish.

Starfall Dungeon – Notes P.3

new doc 2018-04-05 21.46.36_7.jpg

Some notes on how attacking will be performed. And a fish doctor named after a cat I saw once.

For attacking, I had considered using raycasting or collision detection for determining what gets hit for a little while. However, there is the issue of nonstandard positioning and character design that would complicate doing so.

A more reliable method of attacking would be having an array of characters, and I do love me some arrays. Each attack has different keywords that determine which array points will be affected. Attacks with the “Single” keyword allow the player to select a target, with additional keywords denoting acceptable targets: first, second, or third columns; ground or air. Attacks with the “Line” keyword automatically strike every target on a line, with most attacks automatically affecting their specified row; some “Line” attacks can target either the ground or air. And “All” designated attacks just hit everything.

Certain abilities or units can block attacks from affecting units behind them; positioning will be key to get the most out of these characters/abilities.

So I volunteer at the Humane Society with cat enrichment, which probably isn’t smart because of my allergies, and I met with a cat named “Doctor Tuna”, which stuck with me. Of course, I already have a cat character and it felt a little early to start doubling up on character types. It’s not stopping me from having, like, three fish-based characters so far.

Doctor Tuna has a bunch of healing abilities and an attack with an animesque reaction image that has an infinitesimal chance of one-shotting a target.