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Doodling – 2/20/2017

Welp, I’m finished with this. It’s alright.

Doodling – 2/15/2017

I haven’t been drawing much. I have a short attention span and video games. This is just some more work on Emily, which I should really be done with by now but I’m slow and dumb.

Doodling – 2/12/2017

More work on shading Emily. Why has this video been processing for FIVE HOURS

Doodling – 2/10/2017

Started putting some detail onto Emily. I can already tell that I don’t like how it’s going to turn out.

Doodling – 2/7/2017

Finishing the flats and putting the eyes on Emily, which makes the whole business look super weird without any semblance of a nose.

Doodling – 2/4/2017

Slapping some flats onto Emily.

Doodling – 2/2/2017

Putting together some guidelines and a palette for Emily Kaldwin.

Doodling – 1/31/2017

I’m probably going to do a video series for Dishonored 2 after the current series is done, even if the game pushes my poor garbage-pile of a computer to its absolute limit. So, I’m going to paint Emily Kaldwin for a thumbnail for those videos.