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West Marches: Armored Bravo



I did a few iterations of my original character, Dubravka “Bravo” Galloway, as she appears in the West Marches/Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I’m taking part in. She originally started out as a lightly armored Warlock, but I’ve since multi-classed into Fighter and gotten her into half plate armor and a Cloak of the Manta Ray.

West Marches: Concept Character


I sketched up a rough concept for another Dungeons and Dragons character for our West Marches campaign; due to our unfortunate tank-to-caster ratio, I created them to bolster our tanky numbers. They’re a Warforged Monk, based off of Atom from Real Steel.

West Marches: Bravo

bravo (dnd + voyager).png

I drew Bravo again. I’ve started a West Marches Dungeons and Dragons game and I put her together as a Shadowcat Warlock. The boots could use more work, I think, and my perpetual problem with role-playing her is that I’m am neither: a) black, b) a woman, nor c) British.

Curse of Strahd – Episode 1 (Technically 2)

So, this is actually the second episode. We’d already played a week before after setting up our characters.

I feel a little weird about it, though: beyond my usual social anxiety, at any rate. See, one of the characters I’d kicked around before that first session was a Bard thematically styled after the witches, particularly Granny Weatherwax, from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. But we also needed a Rogue, so I decided to toss one together. But I didn’t want to just play an archetypal Rogue and, with Discworld on the brain, I settled on cynical Watchman Samuel Vimes as a base point. And it was all downhill from there, because I didn’t have a name so I temporarily (sic) named him Sam Vimes and I didn’t have a personality so I just made him act like Sam Vimes, so now I’ve committed to role-playing somebody else’s character and I feel a little weird about that.

We have been remarkably lucky, except for that one time a door critically-one-shot our heavily-armored Fighter/Paladin.