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Sketch Dump: March/April: 1

sketch 2017-05-02 10.54.36_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.55.38_1.jpg

So, in some continued sketch dumping from the past couple of months, here’s some random character sketches related to my game and then some more of Bravo, a random character in a sweater, and a VERY INACCURATE REPRESENTATION of a Nopon from Xenoblade Chronicles.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P3

sketch 2017-05-02 10.52.19_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.53.51_1.jpg

Sketched some more of Bravo and her social circle, then I drew some of my aliens that I haven’t drawn in a while. I didn’t draw Bass’s arms because they’d really over-complicate the sketch since I didn’t have an eraser.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P2

sketch 2017-05-02 10.50.06_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.51.25_1.jpg

Some more sketches of Bravo and the fey-corgi, and then I guess I sketched some approximation of Akko and Diana from Little Witch Academia? I dunno.

Sketch Dump: March 2017: P1

sketch 2017-05-02 10.46.40_1.jpg

sketch 2017-05-02 10.49.16_1.jpg

Since I’m working now, I’ve pulled out my old sketch book for when the call volume gets low. So for the first two, here’s a panorama with my samurai concept and some random sketches of Bravo and my fey-corgi.

Doodling – 2/28/2017 + 3/1/2017

Finishing a sketch of Jasmine facing forward for reference and then start working on one for Lucy. I don’t like the hips. I need to think of her last name too.

Doodling – 2/25/2017 + 2/26/2017

I restart drawing the character sheet for my character Dubravka and I also start a bit on one for Jasmine.

Doodling – 1/19/2017

I haven’t drawn Bravo in a while, so I’ve decided to put together a more professional character sheet for her. Then I decided that I hated the anatomy and started fooling about with an anatomy study.