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Death of the Outsider – FINALE – Final Release

I finally enter the Void itself by climbing through the face of whatever entity existed there before the Outsider, kill a few Envisioned cultists including one that decided to aggressively moonwalk at me, and eventually come face-to-face with ol’ Black-Eyes himself.

Death of the Outsider – PART 16 – Envisioned and Eternal

I begin exploring the inside of Shindaerey Peak and learn more of the Outsider and how he was created and interacts with the world at large.

Death of the Outsider – PART 15 – A Hole in the World

I arrive at Shindaerey Peak, home to a mining town that was abandoned when the Void began encroaching on the world. And then I simply delight in using a new Bone Charm to knock people out with Void Strike.

Death of the Outsider – PART 14 – Whispers of the Dead

I clear out the rest of the Royal Conservatory and commit identity fraud to steal a map to an entrance to the Void. Then I rob the last black market, help a woman whose almost-fiancé died, and enter a building that was just filled with tripwires.

Death of the Outsider – PART 13 – The Stolen Archive

After Billie gives Daud the viking funeral he deserves? we head back to the Overseer-overrun Royal Conservatory to search for clues on how to enter the Void itself.

And I discover the true majesty of hyperbaric grenades and start gleefully chucking them at EVerybody.

Death of the Outsider – PART 12 – The Fibonacci Sequence

I blunder my way through the rest of the bank until I gain access to the vault, though not before I trigger an alarm and cause a bunch of unconscious people to congregate on the stairs somehow?

And with the Fibonacci sequence, I loot the elevator vault of everything, including someone’s slash fiction of Corvo and the Outsider.

Death of the Outsider – PART 10 – Going Once, Going Twice…

SOLD! To the assassin wearing someone else’s face!

I have just enough money to win the auction for the knock-out gas before heading to the bank, which is made exponentially more difficult to get to because of the horde of guards and hyper-aware dogs guarding the plaza before it.

Death of the Outsider – PART 6 – Jumpin’ Jacobi: The Mystery Revealed

I finally find Ivan Jacobi’s corpse… in the river. Under a boat.

I eventually start peeling the cult conspiracy apart and make my way into Shan Yun’s mansion using his lover’s “secret knock”.

Death of the Outsider – PART 5 – Absolute Chaos

I meander back and forth, exploring the grounds of the bank and Jacobi’s stage. And then I kill a couple people to complete one of the contracts and things just spiral from there.

Death of the Outsider – PART 4 – Accidental Murder Mystery

I continue exploring and wind up in the plaza where Ivan Jacobi is aiming to host a speech about corpses or whatever. And then he wanders off and just… dies somehow, probably because the streets are littered with the unconscious.