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Death of the Outsider – PART 3 – Follow the Ink

Alternatively titled: Why Would He Do That??

As in, what prompted the Outsider to suddenly appear before someone plotting to kill him, steal parts of her body, and cause her to develop magical powers in the process?

And then a whole lot of stuff happens and I revel in the new mechanics the game brings.

Death of the Outsider – PART 2 – Rat Corpse Alcohol

Just… just why?

I release Daud from where the Brigmore Witches had apparently imprisoned him in a bathhouse to be used by the Eyeless cult for commercial gain, then head back to the remains of the Dreadful Wale to plot my next move.

Death of the Outsider – PART 1 – One Last Fight

I finally get around to the third in one of my favorite game series and join Billie Lurk on her quest to find forgiveness in the one person who ever felt like family… and talk to rats, which she was always apparently capable of doing because of a trinket her girlfriend gave her?