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Artorisharp and Lycansif

lycanroc and artorisharp.png

So, I like the new wolfy friend being introduced in Pokémon Sun & Moon. I’ve also been playing Dark Souls and the plot revolving around Artorias of the Abyss and Great Grey Wolf Sif were my favorite parts of the entire game, leagues over the final boss who was a dirty hobo with a flaming plank.

So I decided to make a crossover between Pokémon and Dark Souls with Bisharp and Lycanroc as Artorias and Sif. The anatomy is weird and I don’t like how I did the helmet, shield, sword, and scarf, but this is what I’m finishing with.

Doodling – 10/29/2016 + 10/30/2016

On the 29th, I threw down some flats on the Lycanroc and Bisharp drawing from a while ago. Then, on the 30th, I fiddled about with the shield and sword for a bit before giving up because depression and anxiety.

Why is this going to take an hour to upload

Doodling – 10/10/2016

Lining Bisharp as Artorias from Dark Souls.

Doodling – 10/8/2016

Going back to lining Lycanroc for the Dark Souls/Pokemon thing I’m doing.

I don’t really like how it’s turned out? The anatomy is all janky.

Dark Souls – FINALE – Mia Vs. That Dirty Hobo, Gwyn

We finish up, at least the videos of, Mia’s Journey to Become the Dark Soul™ with a full episode of that dirty hobo Gwyn riding me like a horse and swinging a flaming plank back and forth until I die.

This is just such a disappointing ending to the game. You walk into a place, a dirty hobo rushes you with a flaming plank because you get too close to the roadkill he’s cooking, and then you either:

a) walk away and get accosted by a bunch of horrific snake demons that pledge themselves to you;
b) light yourself on fire and explode

whereupon the game ends. After everything, it just unceremoniously… ENDS.

Skip to 37:55 for the successful fight, where I get lucky because he doesn’t use the attack I can’t react to and then kill him in five hits.

Dark Souls – PART 60 – The End of Dumpling Man

I finish Seigmeyer and Seiglinde’s plot lines, which is honestly rather tragic at the end, kill Nito (that perpetual chump), and head back into the Painted World of Ariamis to get the most RIDICULOUS armor in the game, which I giggle at mindlessly.

Dark Souls – PART 59 – Mia, the Abyss Slayer

I finish off the DLC in New Game+, beating Artorias after about an hour of struggle and Manus legitimately after, like, three tries, all the while accompanied by me mumbling along to music I only half know the lyrics of while subconsciously muting myself because of my deep self-loathing.

Also, I get the extra dialogue from Dusk and Elizabeth, interact with Lord’s Blade Ciaran, and the cutscene where Hawkeye Gough shoots Kalameet out of the sky.

Dark Souls – PART 58 – Full-acile Ninja

After clearing Seath (TOO EASY) and the Bed of Chaos (STUPID AND ANNOYING PENIS MONSTER), I head back into the DLC, get kicked around by the Sanctuary Guardian for a while, and then just run past the rest of Oolacile’s Royal Wood.

Dark Souls – PART 57 – Double Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)

Me am genioos. Make same booss wepun twice.

Augh, THERE’S something I find aggravating about this game. The Greatsword of Artorias and the Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) are WAY too similar to have such similar names and be made from the same boss soul.

Anyways, I tackle Anor Londo, Darkroot Garden, and the New Londo Ruins in New Game+.

Dark Souls – PART 56 – Mia, the Abysswalker

I continue my journey to becoming the Dark Soul™ by beginning Mia’s journey through New Game+. Also, she’s Artorias now, because Artorias is cool.