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Happy Holidays (2018)!

holiday dear fae cards.png

holiday dragalia cards.png

I draw cards for holidays and birthdays! This year, I decided on some holiday alts for a couple of mobile games I’m playing: Fae from Fire Emblem Heroes and Nefaria and Francesca from Dragalia Lost.

Note: Holiday Francesca does not actually exist.

Character Design – Bravo’s New Clothes

bravo_new look_1.pngbravo_new look_2.png

I hadn’t drawn Bravo in a while, so I decided to give her some new duds. I thought about giving her a hat, but a) hats are hard and b) she’s got a lot of hair.

Lucina in Smash Ultimate






The fact that Lucina is still a clone of a character that she only shares superficial similarities with makes me unreasonably angry. And my cripplingly poor anger management skills means that I’m now in constant physical pain.