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Work – 3/20/2017

So I redid the Apple’s animations and it stopped glitching?? I don’t know?? why that happened??

Also, my schedule’s going to get weird for a little while because I’m hopefully getting a job at a restaurant call center??

Work – 3/6/2017 to 3/10/2017

Here’s snippets of the work I did last week: animating the two apple enemies and coding the logic for flaily-arm McApple friend, whereupon McApple started getting locked to the center of its room for some reason.

I didn’t get a lot of work done this week because of a family medical emergency.

Work – 3/1/2017 + 3/2/2017

I figured out what was causing the “inexplicable” infinite loop: a while loop with nothing inside of it, because I’m dumb. Otherwise, I do some apple animating and coding in the boss room spawning.

Work – 2/27/2017 to 3/1/2017

I did some work on an enemy type yesterday and then went back to the level generator because I’m still not done with that and I really should have been done with some enemies and a boss, AT LEAST, by this time. And then, in the end, the level generator manages to find an infinite loop to ruin itself on, no matter if I remove the additions or not.

Work – 2/16/2017

Working on getting the double (wide/tall/size) rooms to spawn in correctly. It’s slow going because I always get confused about the relation between (row, column) and (x, y). There’s also an issue with spawning the fourth piece of a double-size room where I get some sort of lightning-bolt-Tetris-piece sort of thing happening.

Work – 2/13/2017

I start revising the multiple-room-large room generation and get PRETTY CLOSE to a functional function. There’s some issues that need to be resolved, wherein random single rooms are generated for some reason and gaps appear between the room segments, so I’ll need to do some debugging.

Work – 2/9/2017

It’s gonna take an hour and a half to upload this 8 minute video wherein I: set up spawning a room’s contents and then try to alter the level generator to allow for double (wide/tall/size) rooms.

It doesn’t work, but I think I might have a solution for it.

Work – 2/2/2017

Redesigning the rooms a little bit and trying to determine how to resolve the issues with the room transitions. I think it’s because the character is sometimes able to contact the door in the next room, which then moves the character back to the previous room, causing problems.

Work – 1/30/2017 + 1/31/2017

I fix the issue where the rooms and room segments aren’t properly spaced by not changing the scale of the rooms themselves, as that wasn’t effecting the size of the bounding box anyways.

Then, a couple new issues with the doors crop up: trying to change rooms causes the torso to separate from the legs and they won’t turn into walls if they’re not next to other doors. Those problems have been fixed, but there’s still the prevalent issue of the character being dragged back into the prior room because of how the culling code works. I think its a positioning/timing issue.

Work – 1/26/2017

Working on getting the rooms to have a size determined by the code, but, while the size of the segments are altered correctly, they don’t get properly positioned.