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Christmas Cards 2017

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_10.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_9.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_11.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_12.jpg

Merr Cristo, er’ybody!

Here’s the cards I drew for Christmas. There’s Lucifer from the webcomic, Paranatural, which is absolutely amazing; there’s my character, Bravo, dressed like my trainer in Pokémon Ultra Moon; here’s an aggressive pine tree with a present; and a Raichu, the best Pokémon.

Pokécember – Day 25 – Starter

pokecember 25.png

Merr Chrimbo, everybody! And Happ Hankuuh, as well! (Are there any other holidays that I can bastardize the names of?)

It was a dead heat, really, between Rowlet and Cyndaquil for my favorite Starter Pokémon, but I ultimately went with Rowlet because I drew one on traditional media yesterday for a Christmas card. I just took a picture with my phone (because my scanner’s given up the ghost) and gave it some real crisp lines for today.

(Here’s the challenge itself)