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TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 42 – Fly Me to the Moon

I briefly drop by the Tower nearest the volcano to get it active before heading towards the coast and up to meet Doctoooor Robbie!

… And I get startled by a massive shadow cast by one of the dragons drifting aimlessly across the moon above.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 41 – Thunderstruck

In this episode, I become a WALKING BOMB by wandering about in the electricity-proof armor during a thunderstorm. And, after attempting to beat a flying Guardian to death with a box, I clear out a number of shrines.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 40 – A Departure from Routine

The Yiga finally send some of their big guns to mess with me, robbing Paya of the Sheikah heirloom and using a defector from their ranks as a spy. Afterwards, I begin to make my way north towards the volcano.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 39 – Further Horseplay

After purging Vah Naboris of Ganon’s influence, I decide to take some time to locate some horse stuff, particularly the Ancient Horse Gear, the magical horse spring and its glorious patron Malanya, and the mega chunky horse.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 38 – Vah Naboris

I return the Thunder Helm to Riju, who proceeds to shield me during our assault on the aggressive stomp-camel. Naboris itself is a giant, rotating puzzle that absolute baffles me and I struggle with the speedy Thunderblight Ganon.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 37 – Hnnrg, Metal Gear, Hunh?

I explore the entirety of Gerudo Town and meet Riju before heading out to face down the whole of the Yiga Clan.

… The useless, incompetent Yiga Clan and their incompetent, bumbling boss.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 36 – Thunder Gimp

I take a detour from Gerudo Town to go and collect the other two pieces of the rubber armor and upgrade the entire set to become inured to electricity for the assault on Nabooris.

And YouTube has failed to upload this episode twice so far, and it’s still having issues this third time, what the hell.