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West Marches: Bravo

bravo (dnd + voyager).png

I drew Bravo again. I’ve started a West Marches Dungeons and Dragons game and I put her together as a Shadowcat Warlock. The boots could use more work, I think, and my perpetual problem with role-playing her is that I’m am neither: a) black, b) a woman, nor c) British.

Character Design – Bravo’s New Clothes

bravo_new look_1.pngbravo_new look_2.png

I hadn’t drawn Bravo in a while, so I decided to give her some new duds. I thought about giving her a hat, but a) hats are hard and b) she’s got a lot of hair.

Christmas Cards 2017

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_10.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_9.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_11.jpg

new doc 2017-12-24 17.09.58_12.jpg

Merr Cristo, er’ybody!

Here’s the cards I drew for Christmas. There’s Lucifer from the webcomic, Paranatural, which is absolutely amazing; there’s my character, Bravo, dressed like my trainer in Pokémon Ultra Moon; here’s an aggressive pine tree with a present; and a Raichu, the best Pokémon.

Sketches: November 2017 – 1st Page

new doc 2017-11-30 16.19.47_1.jpg

Opening up a new sketchbook with sketches of Bravo and Stark. I didn’t quite get the feeling of “stretching” in the sketch of Stark though.

Doodling – 1/19/2017

I haven’t drawn Bravo in a while, so I’ve decided to put together a more professional character sheet for her. Then I decided that I hated the anatomy and started fooling about with an anatomy study.

Bravo and Co.

bravo + co.png

I need to be better about loading these things faster. I also need to be better about drawing on scale. Lucy, Samaira, and Coby (on the right, including dog) had their guidelines drawn larger than Bravo and Jazz (on the left) and I didn’t fix that before doing lines and its just a bloody mess.

Anyways, these are a set of my characters. From the left: Dubravka (“Bravo”, lead of one of my games), Jasmine (“Jazz”), Lucy, Samaira, and Coby (Samaira’s service corgi). They’re good people, yes.

I need to whip up some character sheets or just one character sheet to show height differences.