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Orisa & Baymax

orisa & baymax+text.png

I really loved Big Hero 6; even if it was a fairly basic superhero origin story, the way the movie handled the impact of grief and depression really spoke to me. It wasn’t treated as whining or something that you just have to suck up, but as an actual malady that needed proper care and attention to get through.Big Hero 6 was a great, albeit simple, superhero movie.

So I really loved the many references to Baymax and Hiro that were put into Orisa and Efi’s backstory. From what little I’ve managed to play of her, Orisa seems like she fits my playstyle fairly well and she’s just so unbearably cute on top of that.

Doodling – 3/18/2017

I finish shading Orisa and Baymax and Baymax was shaded way too dark. Then I move onto sketching a robot samurai or something, I dunno.

Doodling – 3/16/2017 + 3/17/2017

It’s Shading Timeā„¢ for Orisa and Baymax. I don’t know how light works.

Doodling – 3/15/2017

I took a break from this for a couple days to contemplate the color palate I was using and it kind of grew on me after a while. So I spent some time touching things up before continuing on with this.

Doodling – 3/10/2017 to 3/12/2017

I finish the lineart and start trying to color in this Orisa and Baymax picture but I don’t have any idea of how to accurately color Orisa and I have no idea what I’ve done with her gun and this is really just a mess.

I need a color palette for her.

Doodling – 3/7/2017 to 3/9/2017

Here’s the sketching and lining I did these last few days for Orisa and Baymax.