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Work – 10/3/2016

Further work on fixing up the enemy and boss placeholders. Also, I replace the weird owl-squid thing with A SPOOKY SPERM GHOST THING WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE AAAH

Work – 9/28/2016

Just sketching up some more placeholders today.

Work – 9/22/2016

I didn’t record yesterday because I was all, “I’m just doing refactoring today, nothing big,” and then I redesigned dashing to ignore enemies and hazards, redesigned how firing works, how the camera works for looking at the boss, bullets properly bounce… So I probably should have recorded yesterday.

Anyways, I woke up two hours later than I usually do, so I put together some death animations for the player character, after which Unity had a fatal error and I stopped.

Work – 9/20/2016

I work on getting the boss’s projectile working, struggling for a time before realizing I had left a Collider on the spawn point which was screwing up the bullet’s flight path.

After I do some refactoring on some code, to make things smoother and try to work out that jittering issue, I’ll create some more enemy types and bosses for the first level.

Work – 9/19/2016

I downloaded the new version of Unity this morning. In the 5.4.1 build, the OnLevelWasLoaded function was deprecated out and now you need to do some eldritch -ing shenanigans to do the same thing. Other than that, I do some refactoring, resolve the spawning issue, and continue work on Crispy Good’s AI.

Work – 9/15/2016

Mostly debugging today. Just resolving some camera jittering issues, though I still don’t know why it doesn’t exactly restrict itself to the room bounds, and trying to make sure the bullets can’t leave the room, also by using the room bounds. I’m trying, like. I really am.

Work – 9/14/2016

Starting to program the tree boss. There’s some issues with spawning enemies wherein they wind up spawning ages outside of the room.

Work – 9/12/2016 + 9/13/2016

I start work on a boss for the first level. It’s my totally original character, Crispy Goods, a never-before-considered tree boss. I still have some work to do on the character, the remove-armor system, and “treasure rooms” or somewhat.

I need to go to bed earlier, especially if my body’s going to react to my father being home again after three weeks by waking up a couple hours earlier than normal. Yesterday I was running on three or four hours of my usual restless sleep; I was so tired that I could barely think straight.

Work – 9/7/2016 + 9/8/2016

I put together the procedural sprite work for the game. This way, rather than putting together prefabs for each level with a different tile set, I can just pass all the sprites into the Level Handler which would then pass the sprites to the Room Handler which would then pass all the sprites to the segments themselves.

Work – 9/1/2016

Hey, here’s the work from last Thursday, shortly before the hard drive decided it had had enough. That day, I doodled up a temporary door sprite and some enemy sprites. Then, off-recording, I added them to the project.

I should be able to start work again shortly. I’ve got a new hard drive (one without a redundant OS on it) and now it’s just making sure everything is back in place I need to delete the back up from the external drive it’s useless to me now.