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Work – 11/14/2016

So, I’ve been working on the inputs and trying to make the UI less obscuring over the last few work sessions.

It’s just… there’s just a bunch of glitches and problems and it’s just not particularly… FUN?? Like, chasing the armor pieces about isn’t enjoyable. It’s just a mess.

I think I’ll redesign the character and do something less… messy. I can take this general idea and simplify it down to just a health bar that also works as a magic bar, or something more basic like that.

It’s just a mess.

Work – 11/1/2016

On the 1st, I redesigned how the UI works so it’s permanently on top again. Additionally, I began working on getting the tree’s eye to point towards the player. On the 2nd, I spent ALL DAY trying to get the eye to smoothly begin pointing at the player.

I mean, it’s all just going so slowly and the concept of this isn’t exactly great and there’s so many bugs still…

Work – 10/31/2016

I make sure that everything’s working right with my tree; only damaging the trunk, taking damage from the branches and roots, etc.

Then, I do the groundwork for the next boss, the Bronze Woodsman.

Work – 10/27/2016

Here’s some more animating for my tree boss and some coding to set everything up for when it dies. I’ll need to set up a title scene and set it up so the character can die or use a transition that’s activated on the tree’s death to be sent back to the title.

Work – 10/25/2016

I do work on my tree boss’s new attack today. Then, on 10/26/2015, I do some debugging that I don’t record on the tree boss and some of the enemies. I might need to make the roots’ connections to the tree base mobile as well for superior animating.

Work – 10/19/2016

I work on switching armor a bit more, slot in the new armor sprites, and then (off-recording) I have a bit of a massive freak-out over how I’m a -ing failure because I can’t get the -ing camERA TO STOP JITTERING HEY HEY LOOK AT ME I’M A GAME DESIGNER BUT I CAN’T KEEP MY -ING CHARACTER IN THE -ING ROOMS

Work – 10/17/2016

I finish revising my map so that it works-*finger snap*-perfectly and then move on to fixing up the character for better armor swapping. It’s basically what I outlined in the last work video, but without the extra game object.