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Work – 10/27/2016

Here’s some more animating for my tree boss and some coding to set everything up for when it dies. I’ll need to set up a title scene and set it up so the character can die or use a transition that’s activated on the tree’s death to be sent back to the title.

Work – 10/25/2016

I do work on my tree boss’s new attack today. Then, on 10/26/2015, I do some debugging that I don’t record on the tree boss and some of the enemies. I might need to make the roots’ connections to the tree base mobile as well for superior animating.

Work – 10/24/2016

After having a bit of a freak out last week, I figure out a few of my issues with the camera, but I’m not super keen on how it’s turned out. Also, I work some more on my tree boss.

Work – 9/22/2016

I didn’t record yesterday because I was all, “I’m just doing refactoring today, nothing big,” and then I redesigned dashing to ignore enemies and hazards, redesigned how firing works, how the camera works for looking at the boss, bullets properly bounce… So I probably should have recorded yesterday.

Anyways, I woke up two hours later than I usually do, so I put together some death animations for the player character, after which Unity had a fatal error and I stopped.

Work – 9/14/2016

Starting to program the tree boss. There’s some issues with spawning enemies wherein they wind up spawning ages outside of the room.

Work – 9/12/2016 + 9/13/2016

I start work on a boss for the first level. It’s my totally original character, Crispy Goods, a never-before-considered tree boss. I still have some work to do on the character, the remove-armor system, and “treasure rooms” or somewhat.

I need to go to bed earlier, especially if my body’s going to react to my father being home again after three weeks by waking up a couple hours earlier than normal. Yesterday I was running on three or four hours of my usual restless sleep; I was so tired that I could barely think straight.

Work – 7/11/2016

I fix the jumping issue, revise my attack animator set-up by placing all the separate attack blend trees under a single, overarching blend tree, and implement a dashing mechanic.

A new glitch developed with the attacking function, wherein a second armor object will occasionally fire after the initial attack. I’ll have to fix that. Also, the canvas goes odd when changing scenes, so I’ll have to work that out depending on how the map generator will work.

Work – 7/5/2016

I decided to take yesterday off of work, because holiday and also shucking corn.

I didn’t do a lot of recording because it was mostly coding and debugging again. I determined the source of that mysterious bug that pointed at a bit of the code only once and then never again; it’s because that code referred to that object’s spriteRenderer, a reference to which hadn’t been created before the function was called. Moving it up into the Awake function fixed that problem.

I still need to finish the part of the UI that indicates what armor is next to be fired and the code necessary to set a piece of armor to its broken state.

Work – 6/29/2016

I finish setting up the left-facing animations and compile all the right- and left-facing animations into blend trees in the animator, to allow the player to turn around properly.

A new glitch appeared in that the sprite arrays I’ve built into the Armor Handler script apparently aren’t considered instances of an object? Or something? I dunno, I’ll need to fix that as well as the jumping bug.

Work – 6/28/2016

I begin work on setting up the left-facing animations and begin revising my character placeholders for better visibility.