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Doodling – 9/7/2016

(I was wrong; not everything is where it should be and I had to reinstall Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Unity and get past the installation bugs and blargh). Regardless, I do some doodling of Bass Hornet and the sexual dimorphism in her species.

Bass X Tess 2


Oh, here’s something I’ve been sitting on for a while without uploading because I’ve got attention span issues.

Also, I’m not super keen on how the eyes came out? They’re a bit too dim for my tastes.

Anyways, here’s more of my lesbian bug ladies.

Doodling – 8/6/2016

Finishing the flats for Bass & Tess. Tess really increases the time used on a piece because of how complicated her fur is. Meanwhile, her girlfriend just gets, “Eh, have some flats, bye!”.

Doodling – 8/4/2016

Further coloring Bass & Tess. I’ve never actually drawn Tess’s abdomen, so I don’t have a defined color scheme for it. Also, I mislabeled the body part in the video; it is an abdomen and not the thorax, which is the bit between the neck and the abdomen.

Doodling – 8/3/2016

There wasn’t any doodling yesterday because I was busy building Beedrill in Dark Souls 2. Let THAT concept sink in. Anyways, I line my Technical Difficulties image and then start coloring the Bass & Tess picture from before.

Doodling – 7/23/2016

I didn’t get work or doodling done on Friday because the elderly are fragile. Anyways, I finish lining Bass & Tess before setting up some lines for an addition to my banner images.

Doodling – 7/21/2016

I do some lining on the Bass & Tess picture from before. I dunno, the hands might be too small but it’s too late/I’m too lazy to fix it now.

Doodling – 7/12/2016

Nothing in depth, just sketching late at night.