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Bubble Penguin on the Rocks

A portrait image of a penguin rendered in Adobe Illustrator. It is looking towards the sky, where there are bubbles floating about; one has landed on the end of its beak. The background is a minimalist interpretation of an arctic landscape at sunset.

As part of my ongoing experimentation with Adobe Illustrator, I vectored a penguin playing with bubbles. I have to say, it’s really convenient being able to save at a substantially higher resolution than I worked at without any loss of quality.

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Brainstorm Headache

I’ve been experimenting with Adobe Illustrator to do some graphic design. This is an old idea that I’ve had percolating in my brain stuffs, related to my congenital brain cyst giving me headaches in response to changes in the weather. It’s weather map symbols overlayed over a brain.

I’m struggling to transcribe this idea. I don’t have a “visual imagination”, per say; all I’ve got up in here is the vibes that I should feel when looking at the art piece.

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