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Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 8 – Engage the Enemy

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 8 – Engage the Enemy

In this episode, I forgot to turn the commentary recording back on! So, while finishing up some sidequests and heading up towards the plot, I rant about Super Smash Bros. and my poor life decisions.

This game still gives me chills. I love it, even if Juju’s a dum-dum.

Starfall Dungeon – Workshop Notes

new doc 2018-09-23 19.16.29_1.jpg

So here’s the notes I scribbled out for the next piece of the overworld hub. The Shop/Workshop handles your inventory and the abilities of the other overworld facilities.

The stock of the Shop portion is dynamic and directly reflects the item drops of the region and sub-region that you were on before leaving the dungeon. While not unlimited, this allows players the chance to just purchase the items and materials they were looking for, if RNG was not kind.

The player can also upgrade both the facilities and their inventory. This includes:

  • Adding region shortcuts to the dungeon entrance
  • Adding inventory slots for use
  • Adding new items to the crafting menus for the shop and tree
  • Increasing the amount of item that can stacked in an inventory slot
  • Increasing the capacity of the barracks and the number of teams that can be logged
  • Expanding the stock of the shop

In terms of crafting, you create and enhance equipment in the shop while you create restorative items over at the tree. The equipment you can make here provide a variety of enhancements to your units, such as increasing stats and adding passive traits.

TLoZ: Breath of the Wild – PART 40 – A Departure from Routine

The Yiga finally send some of their big guns to mess with me, robbing Paya of the Sheikah heirloom and using a defector from their ranks as a spy. Afterwards, I begin to make my way north towards the volcano.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – PART 31 – Four Lucky Gals

I finish Vess’s quest, which ends with Mabon just DYING partway through a conversation, check in with Jac’s family, head to the Chansagh Wastes to fish up Gluttonous Marrin and the Lucky Core Crystal, and start the Core Hunter questline with Praxis and Theory.

Praxis and Theory don’t look good, unlike Kassandra.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 7 – To Prove A Point

Juju decides to travel to the Mechon-occupied Colony 6 alone because “EvERyoNE ElSe iS CoWArDs!!” and complains about driving into a barrier that prevents him from sailing directly off the side of a bridge.

And, with Juju charging headlong into mortal danger, I instead decide to explore Gaur Plain for a time while chatting about: instant death attacks in Xenoblade 1 & 2, Elma from Xenoblade X being added to 2, and a little bit of Super Smash Bros.

Xenoblade Chronicles – PART 6 – The Breadth of the World

I continue through the remainder of Tephra Cave on the way to Gaur Plain, the worst Sm4sh stage, and unlock the Monado’s Shield Art. After rescuing a boy named Juju from angry cow monsters, he leads me to the rest of the Colony 6 refugees along with his sister, Sharla.

Starfall Dungeon – Units P.10

new doc 2018-09-23 19.16.29_5.jpg

I’ve drawn some SPOOP units for the Deep Woods in Starfall Dungeon. The two common units are a set of psychic mushrooms and apparently a turtle skeleton. The turtle skeleton definitely needs work to be viable as a unit; it’s too complicated and the limbs need to be changed.

In terms of Boss-class units, we’ve got:

Captain Battical!, a superhero-themed bat. A defender of Justice and Innocents, he uses his powers to shield other units from attacks while dealing out attacks of his own. He’s a real radical dude or whatever.

Pumpukeen is a haunted set of clothes and a Jack-o’-Lantern. Lost souls trapped in the Deep Woods ultimately join the collection of souls that compose Pumpukeen. They wander endlessly in the dark, providing a light to lead whoever they find to safer parts of the Forest region. As a unit, Pumpukeen has numerous sword strikes that target multiple enemies, pierce defenses, and inflict burning.